Customer support

With over 15 years experience in B2B and B2C sales, the software used is optimized for the exact challenges that arise in the development of companies, at the same time it is developing strategies and is probing scenarios for possible solutions. The service, which is provided during and after the purchase is very important, so that the software, which is used to manage everything related to e-commerce support, is one of the most widely used software in the market and has the most

developed technology based on customer satisfaction. The software is designed to optimize the customer satisfaction in every way. So the customer can contact the HelpDesk for every situation or a problem and it will answer him promptly and seriously to the demands and concerns. The software has focused its attention to minimize the processing time for the following issues: frequently asked questions, the issues related to the order, delivery, warranty, return, deals etc. It also includes

multiple communication channels on a single platform, providing the transparency of the entire team. The system greatly facilitates the workflow through their organized structure. Helps to standardize and automate the notifications and processes, solutions that are increasingly required for a company with a large workload. All these useful functions help to positively improve the customer experience by the fact that the response time is very short.