The Webshop offers companies their own independent platform, from where the seller is able to facilitate a wider range of services for his customers, payment arrangements, ways of delivery, security of personal data, personalized and original interface of the shop. There are many advantages to having your own website, precisely because the solutions can be customized and personalized according to the

customers’ needs. More and more people use the comfort of their own home to make purchases, or prefer to inquire multiple offers in a short time whilst on the way somewhere, or to purchase online whilst in holidays because we live modern busy lives. A solution in the form of an e-commerce website is the smart choice for any company that wishes to increase sales, the offers being subject to updates at

a 24/7 basis. Another great advantage is the reduced costs of an online shop, however Marketing is also vital part of for the website to have success. In meeting this needs comes the email marketing, phone support always displayed as an option for customers, search engines and the integration of the shop in the online environment, social media.